ESL Consulting – a corporation consisting of SeoulESL in Korea and ChinaESL in China – is an experienced, professional, and leading English teacher recruitment specialist that prides itself not only on transforming communities for the better but also helping the teachers grow both, professionally and personally.

Our journey began in 2005 as former ESL teachers that were bound together by their desire to reform the world through quality education and we came together to form SeoulESL Inc., Korea’s number one and most reliable ESL teacher recruitment specialist as well as the official recruitment partner of the Korean government.

In 2015, SeoulESL became a corporation under the name of ESL Consulting as we expanded our operations to serve a wider global community. Growing bigger and better over time, ESL Consulting remained steadfast in its belief of increasing student achievement around the globe through the help of great teachers.

ESL Consulting has grown from strength to strength due to its commitment, perseverance, and passion for:

  • Enhancing the quality of education to make the world a better place
  • Enabling teachers worldwide to challenge themselves and to become a better version of themselves by experiencing new cultures and broadening their horizons
  • Providing the best-personalized experience possible to both parties – the educators and educational institutes – by paying high-attention to details, streamlining complicated processes, and managing all aspects right from providing timely and accurate information to successful placements as well as continued support

Having assisted thousands of teachers and thousands of partner institutions to-date, ESL Consulting has mastered the art of bridging the gap between educators and the extensive network of our partner learning institutions.

To us, nothing matters more than connecting inspirational teachers with individuals and communities that need them the most. From helping the young and the inquisitive for the best part of almost two decades to assisting even their next generations, we have done it all.

We still have a long way to go. Hence, we continue to strive hard to achieve our goal of providing students with a teacher that can nurture them and, in turn, help them reach their full potential.