Cambridge International School

CIS International School is an independent, non-governmental organisation, established to provide high-quality education to local and expatriate communities in Russia and Uzbekistan.

CIS International School was established in 2015 and soon became one of the leading international schools in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Tashkent (Uzbekistan). In 2019, CIS International School opened two new campuses: CIS Gorki in the Moscow region and CIS Tashkent in Tashkent. Its main goal is to continue being the provision of an excellent education based on the Cambridge International Curriculum whilst providing full access to the National Curriculum.

CIS International School is registered as a CIS International School, accredited by the University of Cambridge’s Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). CIS International School is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) and is licensed by the Russian educational authorities.

Our school is staffed with a dedicated, hardworking, and professional body of international teachers who work alongside our families in order to provide an environment that facilitates the growth of our students and provides them with the skills they need to excel in life.