Xiwai International School

Xiwai International School is a private, K-12 boarding and day school located in the suburban Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. We are one of 21 schools licensed by the Shanghai Education Bureau to offer an international program to Chinese nationals. This means our graduates receive a dual diploma - one that is recognized by the Chinese government but also allows them to go directly to a four-year university abroad. In recent years our graduates have been admitted to top schools around the world including Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, NYU, UCLA, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Imperial College, University College London, King's College, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Sydney, and many others.

The International Primary School Division has approximately 650 students in Grades 1-5. Students take an integrated curriculum that combines an American high school program based on Common Core State Standards with several required Chinese courses. We are also accredited by the College Board and Cambridge Assessment, so we offer IGCSE, A Level, and AP programs, including (beginning in fall 2022) AP Capstone. 

We are looking for foreign teachers who can deliver high-quality, results-focused English language and humanities instruction and prepare students for admission to, and success at, top universities in the English-speaking world. Strong subject expertise and familiarity with standards-based, data-driven instruction are a must. The school day runs from 7:50 am to 4:15 pm. A first-year teacher's typical workload is 18-19, 35-minute periods a week, depending on his or her responsibilities. As we are a boarding school, every teacher is also responsible for 1 evening study (essentially a proctored study hall) each week from 6:00-7:30 pm. Running after-school clubs, sports, or elective activities is encouraged but not required. All after-school activities are compensated as overtime.