SenTia School

SenTia is a bilingual school, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. SenTia is part of the Koala House Education group, an early childhood educational system that has been providing high-quality education to children in Hanoi for over 20 years. 

SenTia was founded with the mission of giving children a Happy Maturity - a comprehensive upbringing process in mind, body, spirit and soul, in order to help children maximize their own abilities. self, discover each individual's passion, have the ability to realize those passions to have a truly meaningful life for each student.

The ultimate goal of SenTia education is to nurture people who are happy in an integrated relationship with the community, nature and the world, and are capable of handling the challenges of the 21st century.

SenTia's educational philosophy is based on 4 fundamental factors: LOVE (Care) where Curiosity is encouraged and reasonable CHALLENGES are set to bring joy. knowledge discovery for children, in an environment that fosters good CHARACTERS (Character). All activities of SenTia school are based on these four factors.

On the path to Maturity in Happiness, each SenTia student will develop the following skills:

The spirit of inquisitiveness, curiosity and excitement to discover new knowledge - indispensable competencies of 21st century citizens.

A healthy body, love sports, find joy in sports - the most important factor in reducing pressure in modern society.

An open mind, ready to feel the richness and diversity of art, and at the same time develop imagination and creative thinking - the success factors of the modern era.

Maximize the hormones that produce happiness through love of work, love of people, love of nature.

The combination of the above factors is a positive outlook on life, not afraid of new challenges, not afraid of difficulties, and highly adaptable to all circumstances.