Tsinghua High School International

Welcome to Tsinghua University High School (THSI)! The school with its lush greenery and lotus ponds has undergone profound changes over the past century. Tsinghua University High School has witnessed the developments of the past 105 years together with the continuous progress of education in China.

We have established distinct educational features, earning an excellent reputation for our school spirit, and our managerial and educational qualities have continuously improved. Since 1983, more than 2204 of our graduates were admitted into Tsinghua University and Peking University, and more than 146 of our students have received the “Golden Sail Award” and “Silver Sail Award” in Beijing. Our school has achieved incredible progress in terms of teaching, research, management, and personnel-training, and we have successfully cultivated a great number of talented people both for the development of our country and for society as a whole.

All teachers and students at Tsinghua University High School will unceasingly adhere to our motto of "Self-discipline and Social Commitment", making new contributions to the development of basic education in our motherland.