New Zealand School Jakarta

New Zealand School Jakarta (NZSJ), previously the New Zealand Independent School (NZIS), has a long and proud history of serving the Jakarta community and delivering exemplary outcomes for all our learners. Our School was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing the well-rounded and progressive New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) to young learners of all nationalities living in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2019, the School completed the Government of Indonesia Ministry of Education accreditation program, scoring 93% for our Primary School and 91% for our Secondary School. 

While applying the pedagogy of the NZC in our classrooms, we are an international school at heart. Our community currently represents 20 nationalities and we would love for this number to keep growing! We consider our multinational nature to be one of the largest assets of our community. ‚Äč

And we love the fact of being in Jakarta, Indonesia! We welcome and love our Indonesian students, who currently constitute a third of our student base. We also believe that we have a responsibility to encourage a love and appreciation for Indonesia across our community. We do this by integrating learning about Indonesia both inside and outside of the classroom.

In October 2018, NZSJ came under new management, benefiting from a new Board of Governors. New developments were rolled out in 2019 including aligning the academic year to the July to June cycle (in support of our international and Indonesian student base), the recruitment of additional classroom and specialist teachers (both expatriate and Indonesian), and improvements to our warm and inviting campus in the heart of Kemang in South Jakarta.