ETU Education

As an education innovation project with its founding roots in both Silicon Valley and Beijing, ETU Education is dedicated to offer a student-centered whole-person education by combining progressive pedagogy, including social emotional learning, project/phenomenon based learning and real world inputs, with Chinaʼs culturally-rich curriculum, so as to cultivate active lifelong learners with high self-efficacy and innovative spirits, and most importantly, a passion to make change in their community.

Since the first school in Beijing in 2016, ETU has now built a global family of progressive schools in Palo Alto (imagination lab school-Global ETU Family), Beijing and Guangzhou in China. 

Meanwhile, ETU is much more than a school network. With a unique team that is comprised of experienced educators, seasoned management executives and IT platform designers and engineers, ETU is building a platform that supports a better education ecosystem, in which students are put at the center of learning, teacher are well supported by a series of empowering professional development program, and school is put at the center of the community.

By addressing the core challenges of todayʼs education systematically, ETU hopes to explore a social engagement mechanism, so that the cognitive frontier of the society could be really brought into basic education to empower everyone to become the best version of themselves.

Apr 09, 2024  
School Description ETU is a progressive private school that is dedicated to implementing innovative education practices such as Project-Based Learning (PBL) and STEAM. This educational concept brings Chinese and foreign teachers together for close collaboration and innovation in education. ETU has received strong support from the Chinese Ministry of Education for being a prototype of a future school in implementing project-based learning in elementary grades (K-6). At ETU, teachers are supported in their innovations through a teacher-centered school model, which provides them with an expansive network of support and resources internally and from across the world.   Position Description : ETU English teachers will share responsibility with a t eam comprised of a Chinese teacher, a Math teacher, and a teaching assistant in providing care for one class. ETU’s English teachers are responsible for collaborating with the English team in designing and...
Start Date:
Aug 19, 2024
24,000 RMB ($3,300) - 36,000 ($5,000) Net Monthly Salary

ETU Education Beijing, China