Ningbo Xiaoshi High School

Established in 1912, Ningbo Xiaoshi High School (宁波效实中学, website) was once a renowned private school in Zhejiang Province. It was transferred to public administration in 1956, and renamed Ningbo No. 5 Middle School. For Five consecutive times, Xiaoshi was voted one of the 100 Finest Schools in China.

Currently, Xiaoshi hosts 42 classes of some 1577 students including IBDP program students. Its outstanding faculty of 172 teachers is a source of great pride, as many of them have won coveted titles from the national, provincial and municipal governments.

Throughout the past century, the school has nurtured more than 40,000 students, presently living at home and abroad, who have made ongoing contributions to the nation’s revitalization.

Xiaoshi nurtures a score of clubs and organizations that extensively shape student life. Among these, the school’s Model United Nations enjoys preeminence. Last year, it even was one of the clubs invited by the University of Chicago to attend the top United States MUN conference. Also of note, however, are the school’s Hefeng Volunteer Group, Literature, Astronomy and Drama Clubs, Arts Ensemble, Calligraphy and Painting Club, as well as the History and Photography Clubs.

Ningbo Xiaoshi High School International Center
In 2012, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Xiaoshi High School, approved by the municipal and the provincial education authorities and registered with the National Ministry of Education, launched the same academic year.

Xiaoshi High School understands the value of international teaching delivered in a localized context, therefore, the IBDP programme is delivered in small-sized classes allowing students to develop their interpersonal skills. The foreign Center Principal is responsible for the academic operations and daily management, supported by a Chinese counterpart. All the foreign teachers hold certified qualifications and have extensive international teaching experience complemented with International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) training. In addition, the college counseling team is made up of highly experienced college counselors with overseas educational backgrounds. Their work ensures the success of students’ college and university applications and admissions.

Since its establishment in September 2012, the Xiaoshi High School IBDP has achieved steady progress with support from all parties. Currently there are about 200 students enrolled over three grades, with a faculty member of 35 people. The IBDP programme at Xiaoshi combines the best of both Chinese and Western pedagogy, which provides high quality educational resources and aims to cultivate students with a global vision. It helps students realize their dream of studying at leading universities around the world.

Our graduates, with their outstanding academic performance and overall ability, have received offers from many top international universities. Currently 100% of students from the classes of 2015 to 2019 have received offers from the top 100 American Universities, top 30 UK universities or top 10 Canadian universities, including Ivy League Colleges – Cornell University and Brown University, University of Chicago, Duke University and University of California, Berkeley in the US; University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London in the UK; University of Toronto and McGill University in Canada, etc.

Our 70 graduates from the class of 2019 received over 420 offers and ten million RMB scholarship from top universities worldwide, 88% of whom received offers from the top 50 American universities, top 10 UK universities or top 5 Canadian universities. It’s worth mentioning that 26 graduates in the class of 2019 were admitted by the top 30 American Universities, as high as 37%. In Ningbo and even throughout the entire Zhejiang Province, Xiaoshi High School IBDP has kept ahead in preparing students to get accepted by top universities successfully. The strict academic administration and the integrity spirits Xiaoshi High School IBDP ensure have also been widely recognized and praised by universities overseas.