U Link College of Shanghai

Ulink College of Shanghai is committed to providing excellent international courses and developing students to become international citizens with a Chinese heart and global outlook. Founded in 2005, it is the first private education institution to introduce Cambridge University courses to local students in Shanghai.

Ulink’s mission is to develop talented students who have scientific minds, achievements in the humanities and physical fitness. At Ulink, we are serious about constant innovation as we always strive to combine the best practices of Chinese and international education. As a result, we have not only achieved but sustained outstanding performance in both graduation statistics and educational outcomes, ahead of our peers in China.

Looking past the numbers and titles, what we are most proud of have always been our people -- talented and passionate students, the experienced and dedicated faculty and highly supportive parents and staff. So as the Chief Service Officer of the school, I have made it my goals to continuously invest in more efficient teaching and learning infrastructure, professional development opportunities for teachers and a wholistic education experience for our students.

On behalf of the entire UCS community, I'd like to welcome any international educators who wish to make an impact on a new generation of Chinese students in a challenging world as the one we are in today and be part of a school where each individual student can reach their full potential and each educator can grow and find fulfillment. 

Let us work together for the future of our children.