Nanwai King's College School

Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi aims to create a learning community that integrates the best of international and Chinese education. The school was founded through partnership between two world-leading schools – China’s Nanjing Foreign Language School and Britain’s King’s College School, Wimbledon. This partnership is supported by school management from Dipont Education, which has been providing high level international programmes in China for more than a decade.

The student-centred approach at Nanjing Foreign Language School, together with the holistic educational philosophy at King’s, underpins the ethos of our school. Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi strives to educate Chinese and international pupils aged 3-18 years old to be well-rounded, innovative and collaborative individuals, capable of appreciating their own, and others’, cultures and traditions. They will understand the importance of a world view and an international perspective in order to make a positive contribution to society in the future.

Key features

-Four distinct school sections with a shared pedagogical approach, enabling Chinese and expatriate pupils to benefit from the cross-cultural exposure

-A curriculum designed to allow cooperation and integration whilst preserving the compulsory aspects of both Chinese and international programmes

-A learning community that supports each pupil to -develop and reach his or her full potential

-A multicultural and bilingual environment that allows pupils to command at least two languages and develop a global perspective -An outstanding senior management team, jointly selected by King’s and NFLS

-Exceptional teaching staff trained in the highest levels of modern practice and pedagogy, teaching small class sizes of between 15 to 24 pupils.