Shenzhen SIE Education

SIE is one of the most established employers in the China TEFL world with some of the highest salaries and best teacher support. We are proud to have sponsored over 5,000 teachers through our teaching community across China with no major issues.

Founded in 2013 in Shenzhen, China, Success in Education (SIE) has grown and expanded over the years with thousands of teachers having successfully completed our program. Our mission is not only to find and employ the best candidates who we think will make great teachers, but to provide our teachers with a comfortable and safe working environment while they live in China for a year or more.

Our reputation and experience is what separates us from most companies and schools across China which allows us to perform every service by ourselves. Not only do we find, recruit, and train hundreds of teachers every year, but we also sponsor their legal Z work visas, assign them to one of our partner schools, pay their salaries, and support them with anything they may need while working and living abroad in China.

SIE is regulated by and complies with the national foreigner entry & exit laws as well as Chinese employment labor laws. The company is sponsored and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Expert’s Bureau of the People’s Republic of China.