Shanghai Star-river Bilingual School

Shanghai Star-River Bilingual School (SSBS) is a private, coeducational academy for Chinese students located in Shanghai’s Minhang District. Under the supervision of Hejia Educational League, SSBS is fully supported by the Chinese government and dedicates to providing students with advanced curriculum in grades 1-12. 

SSBS values an inclusive and supportive community that encourages individualism. Faculty and staff at SSBS facilitate inclusion both inside and outside the classroom, recognizing that a sense of community is imperative for high-level educational achievement. SSBS helps foster the community by organizing events and activities that showcase student talents and create lasting bonds among students.

The Primary School strives to create a healthy, happy, and safe environment by engaging students in campus activities that promote the development of behavior, habit, and life skills. The Middle School has built a friendly, cooperative and active learning environment by implementing activities ranging from health education to teamwork building. In the High School, a positive, active and progressive environment has been established through an emphasis on diverse culture studies, social responsibility, university guidance, and aptitude development.