Clarion School Dubai

Clarion School is in the heart of Dubai and with 40+ different nationalities in the school, we truly represent the dynamic, multi-cultural, modern direction that this city and country have taken over the last 50 years. As a 5 year old school, we are still fresh and growing - the possibilities for a better and brighter future still glow for us at Clarion School.

Our Mission is to help children ‘ignite their curiosity’ and to teach children HOW to think not WHAT to think. We emphasize project-based classroom experiences that have as their underlying base a combination of academic rigor and the wonderment of discovering ‘the new.’

To be a Clarion teacher you need to be:

passionate about teaching

caring toward others

devoted to experiential platy based learning

committed to academic excellence and literacy

focused on the child at all times

responsible for your professional duties

…and have working and life experiences in the above areas that you can demonstrate clearly to us on paper and in an interview. Your references will also mention the same things to us without being asked, and go on and on about your dedication and professionalism….and your child-based pedagogical mindset that influences your crafting of lessons and units.