Beijing Zhongshan International School

Founded in July 2014, Beijing Zhongshan International School is a high quality twelve-year private boarding school.It is an international school which not only inherits the essence of Chinese traditional culture,but also draws on international prospective;it is a modern school with Chinese characteristics, as well as the ancient and modern integration.It is also combined with intelligence and virtue,embracing both Chinese and western culture.After five years of exploration and development,quality education has achieved initial results.Zhongshan school is gradually recognized by the society and has become outstanding among the private schools in Beijing.

Zhongshan International school has a high-quality faculty team with educational dreams.Wang Cuijuan,the founder and principal,is a highly influential education expert in Beijing education sector.School administration team is composed of experienced and professional educators coming from highly recognized public schools.The faculty team has scientific and reasonable structure with innovation and dedication.Due to the unified educational dream,Zhongshan people get together and set up a dynamic team.

The school is officially accredited by the College Board to offer the AP Program (school code:694168) and an accreditation center for A-Level approved by Oxford International AQA Examinations(school code:96062).The upper school offers a rigorous,integrated,project-based American high school curriculum,which allows students to apply for universities all around the world.With the rich and authoritative overseas resources,the complete US common core curriculum,the qualified native American faculty members,as well as the professional college counseling center providing individualized and student-centered developmental guidance program,Zhongshan International School has built up a smooth pathway for every student to study abroad and pursue a bright future.