Shanghai Ivy School

Shanghai Pudong Ivy kindergarten, Shanghai Pudong Ivy Nurseries and Shanghai Pudong Ivy primary school, Shanghai Pudong Ivy specialized school, Shanghai New Ivy college and Shanghai Ivy middle school are subordinate to Shanghai New Ivy education and technology group. The Nurseries (0-3 years old), kindergarten (3-6 years old), compulsory Education (6-15 years old), high school and university preparatory course (16 The system of lifelong education. The kindergarten is located at No.816 Xiuyan Road, Pudong New Area, close to the Emerald garden in Pudong. The former campus is Pudong Campus of Shanghai Community International school. Nurseries Campus is located at No.1 Lane 2727, Hunan Road, close to Kangqiao Peninsula villa. The school adopts the IB style of Shanghai Community International school in the design of campus environment, and is equipped with teaching facilities suitable for small class and personalized teaching. The school is committed to providing high-quality bilingual dual track and dual channel education for children. Children receiving integrated education of Chinese and Western culture will have a modest and courteous temperament of eastern culture, and at the same time, they will also have the characteristics of creativity and free and open thinking of western culture. Our education methods can guide your child to become a person with self-confidence, sense of responsibility and love of learning, and lay the best foundation for happiness and success after growing up.