Wahaha International School (WIS)

Welcome to Wahaha Schools! Wahaha Schools consist of Wahaha International School (WIS) and Wahaha Bilingual School (WBS), both located in the historic and picturesque city of Hangzhou, China. Our mission has always been to provide a superior international educational experience for elementary and secondary school aged students utilizing the best of Eastern and Western instructional practices, rooted in the inquiry and exploratory methods of teaching and learning. It is our goal to prepare each of our students to be a life-long learner equipped with the skills necessary to be a responsible global citizen in the 21st Century.

At Wahaha Schools, we enroll a diverse group of students, in the belief that our students benefit from interacting with children of various talents and backgrounds. From the first day we opened our doors, we have been a highly respected school in the community grounded in the development of critical thinkers and enhanced by core Chinese culture and language programs. Here at Wahaha Schools we provide a rich learning experience for students in Kindergarten through Grade 9; creating an environment of Curiosity & Courage; Appreciation & Accountability; Resolve & Resourcefulness, and Excellence & Enthusiasm (CARE). This is a place where learning comes to life!