JKFZ Cambridge International School

JKFZ Cambridge International School (江科附中, website) will be the number one international high school in Jiangxi province with a passionate and professional teaching team within which 2/3 are foreign teachers. Students in Grade 9 follow the two-year International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) which provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the challenging and rigorous Cambridge Advanced courses. A select number of students in Grade 10 will follow an accelerated program of IGCSE subjects in one year.

Students in Grade 11 and 12 follow the two-year General Certificate of Education Advanced Program (A Level) which help them form independent study skills, acquire in-depth understanding of different subjects, develop critical and creative thinking skills and cultivate the habit of lifelong learning. Cambridge international qualifications are recognized across the globe. They provide students with a passport to top universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other European and Asian countries.

We offer a choice of diverse subjects that students can choose in any combination, this flexibility means our school can build an individualized curriculum, and students can choose to specialize in a particular area or study a range of subjects they are interested in. We believe great education in this era must be rooted deeply in the richness of Chinese culture and heritage, therefore, besides the international curriculum, students also take the compulsory courses in Chinese culture, history, and geography, which help nurture our students to become global citizens with China depth and global breadth.