Chongqing No.1 International Studies School

Chongqing No.1 International Studies School (CQNISS) provides a standard Chinese 7th to 12th grade curriculum. The school has two semesters in one academic year, 20 weeks in one semester, 34 classes in one week, and 50 minutes per class. The maximum number of students enrolled in an international curriculum class is 25 and the international curriculum student to faculty ratio is 6:1.

Students who are accepted at the school are on a dual-track: all international curriculum students must finish the standard grade 10 through 12 Chinese high school curriculum, which includes Chinese, Politics, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, PE, Music and Arts.

The school has a truly international focus, as in addition to the NCUK International Foundation Year, A-levels and American Advanced Placement (AP) is also offered.