Weiming Education Group (WEG)

Founded in 1999, Weiming Education Group is the largest and leading provider of private schools in China with over 40,000 students in 42 campuses with origins and affiliation tracing back to the world-renowned Peking University. In 2012 Weiming launched a unique network of International partner High Schools and study abroad programs whose mission is to create a global learning experience that enables students to collaborate and compete worldwide across cultures and disciplines using 21st century skills. Weiming's core curriculum is grounded in innovative concepts and instructional strategies reflecting cross-cultural, Eastern and Western pedagogies, Weiming not only prepares students for successful high school graduation and college admission, but also emerging industries and the competitive global workplace. It sets as its purpose to lead in the private basic education in China while refining its curriculum, culture and vision to focus on the future of global, 21st century education. The Group now has 9 primary, elementary and secondary schools and 30 kindergartens with over 40,000 students enrolled.