Next Generation School

Welcome to Next Generation School, a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, provides a comprehensive Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.

Next Generation School’s educational model is built upon ways to move towards transformational approaches to learning. As we believe that we cannot teach children the way we learned and expect them to be ready for the world that they are moving into

Next Generation School’s educational program is inspired by acclaimed teaching methodologies to provide a truly global educational experience. At NGS, we provide a cutting edge curriculum that draws from the best practices around the world to instill a love for learning and a passion to become life long learners.

The 21st century educational practices, innovative teaching strategies, and constant research on how students learn best, ensure that each student at NGS is given an excellent academic foundation and is challenged to reach their full potential.