With a track record for academic excellence, we have schools across China, where our students can experience the culture and history of Beijing, the vibrant city life of Shanghai, the cultural diversity of Hong Kong, and many more inspiring locations.

At our state-of-the-art international and bilingual schools in China, we believe every child has the potential to achieve more than they ever imagined. A Nord Anglia education means that we focus on each student’s personal learning style, talents and ambitions to help them learn more. Small class sizes mean your child will get the support they need from the best teachers in the world, while we also nurture their confidence, creativity and resilience to become outstanding global citizens. It’s this approach that helps our students achieve excellent academic results, win places at the world’s top universities and excel at whatever they choose to do or be in life.

Choosing between an international or bilingual school first depends on the type of passport your child holds. Our international schools are open to anyone with an international passport and our bilingual schools are open to both Chinese national and international passport holders. If your child is eligible for both, the choice is yours, depending on the education pathway you’re looking for – our international schools offer English and/or International Baccalaureate curricula, while our bilingual programme is based on the Chinese national curriculum, blended with teaching philosophies that are respected all around the world.

Our bilingual schools create an immersive bilingual environment to give your child an exceptional command of Chinese and English by the time they leave us. We have a balance of highly experienced local and international teachers to help our students embrace their Chinese culture and heritage while gaining confidence as citizens of the world. This creates the very best environment for language acquisition, and helps our students excel in their exams and gain acceptances to their first-choice university. 

All our schools in China enjoy Nord Anglia Education’s exclusive collaboration with UNICEF and other leading institutions around the world including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the performing arts school Juilliard. These collaborations create life-changing experiences and opportunities for your child to learn from the brightest minds in their field, while discovering new talents and passions.