EIC Education

Incorporated in 2000, EIC is one of the largest international education companies in China. We have about 3000 employees in 59 offices in China based in 36 cities in China. Under EIC brand, we provide one-stop professional education services to Chinese students in assisting their plans of studying abroad. Our services range from admission consulting, language test preparation, international academy and study tours. Our services are based in China but spread across the globe. We set up 7 overseas offices in Australia, UK and Canada in order to provide full ranged support for every stage of a student’s overseas education needs. We help our students adapt to local studying life, formulate immigration plan and facilitate their job search.

EIC is the official recruitment representative in China of more than 3000 overseas universities and schools. We help Chinese students apply for schools in 25 different countries and regions in the world, including US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong China, Germany, and France and so on. We aim to be the most trusted partner for our partner schools, by providing timely and accurate recruitment information to Chinese students and provide school marketing promotion based on partner’s needs. EIC provides students with professional guidance through the admission and visa application process, and is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the application materials.

EIC’s corporate slogan is “Teaching Lifelong Success” which differentiates us from the other recruitment agents that merely focus on providing admission information. We emphasize learning and growth experience and build up various services that help our students round up their skill sets. In 2017, EIC launched “International Capability Model” and evaluation tools that scientifically assess students’ character traits, professional interests and international capabilities. Until the end of 2021, there were more than 30,000 EIC students who have received a comprehensive assessment report and professional analysis by EIC consultants. Although the direct recipient of our services are students, we also view the students’ parents as our clients as they are typically highly involved in terms of the decision making of students’ studying abroad plan. Our aim is to help students and parents make fully informed decisions, facilitated through the full range of services we provide.

Since 2015, EIC phased in a series of high-end consulting services called PO, SO and Golden Maple with US, UK, Canada and Asia and Europe teams. The goal of these high-end services is to provide prestigious support in academic planning and overall capability enhancement in an aim for better success rate for top school application.

EIC also works with prestigious universities and brings international curriculum into China. We are a long-time exclusive partner with University of Technology Sydney in Academic English programs and is a NEAS certified English teaching provider. In 2021, EIC formed partnership with UNSW, a QS top 50 university in Australia, and set up the offline learning center of UNSW Foundation programs in China. EIC also facilitates Chinese university’s alliance and cooperation with overseas university, and have successfully set up numerous joint programs in China.

EIC Highlights:
92% application success rate (*receiving at least one offer based on the school selection)
97% visa success rate
3000+ partner schools
160,000+ accumulative student base