Sanshui Foreign Languages School

Sanshui Foreign Languages School, BFSU (北外附校三水外国语学校website) is a private Chinese boarding school for primary, middle, high school and international classes. Situated at the Education Demonstration Area, Chongwen Road, Xinan Street, Sanshui District, the school is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and enjoys convenient transportation. The school covers 250 mu (approximately 166,667.50 square meters) and the construction area is around 170,000 square meters. There are state of the art Teaching Buildings, dormitories, a gymnasium, sports field, playground, comprehensive science and technology laboratories and breathtaking landscape. With advanced teaching vision and modern equipment, the school seeks to provide an ideal place for students to study.

Because our program is focused on a “vocabulary rich, oral language acquisition” versus a content based mode, our foreign teachers need to be flexible in the subjects they may teach. Our program can be defined as “English through subject matter”. Team members will teach all subjects in English except for the other five foreign languages which are to be taught in their target language. The focus of our program is immersion in ORAL LANGUAGE ACQUISITION. Although there is a limited amount of writing necessary in the classes, the expectation of every class meeting is a minimum of 80% student speaking of English, no Chinese. Our teachers are expected to promote oral acuity, critical thinking skills and relevant, life-situation conversational ability. We teach multiple courses but the content is not the focus, conversational ability in the subject matter is the goal. Teachers are expected to use TPR, visuals, music, and highly interactive activities to engage and encourage student participation and learning.