Living Word Shanghai

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School (上海美高双语学校) is a nine-year non-governmental bilingual school approved by the Education Bureau of Minhang District, Shanghai. The school is located in Huacao Town, Minhang District, in the Shanghai Hongqiao International School Cluster.

The school actively implements the curriculum standards and curriculum plans for primary and secondary schools in Shanghai, and changes the curriculum from the second phase of Shanghai to the syllabus, incorporates American educational concepts, and explores an innovative education model that combines Chinese and Western education. Meigao’s bilingual education vision is to allow your children to enjoy the rigor of basic education in China and the openness of basic education in the United States, to recognize themselves in an international educational environment, and to become a Chinese citizen with an international perspective.

The school’s various teaching hardware facilities are also ahead of the industry level. We have a standard No. 11 football field, a first-class indoor stadium, dance classrooms, music classrooms, computer classrooms, student dormitories, etc. A strong teacher team is another major advantage of Meigao. The junior high school of elementary school adopts a cooperative teaching model of foreign teachers and bilingual teachers to ensure that every student can get the best attention from the teacher and develop a personalized growth plan for them.

Living Word Shanghai provides students with authentic American high school courses and AP courses.