Putney Student Travel

Putney Student Travel seeks candidates to lead small groups of high school students to destinations around the world. We are looking for leaders who are passionate about working with youth, experienced and responsible travelers, committed to inclusive community-building, prioritize  safety, and love adventure.

Stay at a family-owned guest house nestled right by the vast South China Sea, and immerse yourself in this small, seaside community through assisting in construction projects and participating in cultural exchange activities with Vietnamese high school students. Help sustain a decades-long project started by Vietnam War veterans, along with the provincial Youth Union of Quang Ngai, to build homes for local families near the site of the infamous Mỹ Lai massacre, one of the areas most ravaged by the Vietnam War. Learn about the war from the Vietnamese perspective by visiting the Mỹ Lai massacre memorial site, and the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. In your downtime, ride your bicycle along the rice paddies and shrimp farms of the community, relax on the beach with your group, or visit a temple to learn more about Buddhism in Vietnam.