High Bluff Academy

HBA is like no other school. Each student is valued and known by every staff member. Teachers do more than assign grades. They teach each student how to earn A’s by providing the skills, knowledge and discipline needed for success in rigorous high school courses. HBA students know how to self-advocate and work hard toward their goals. 

Class Size

  •  Average class size of 8 Students
  •  Maximum class size of 16

Lower homework load, less stress

  • Most students take home 50% less homework than their previous school 
  •  Efficient use of class time allows for work completion in class
  • Tutorial periods allow students up to 1.5 hours of supervised homework help during the school day

Higher GPA

  •  95% of HBA students earn higher grades at HBA than in their previous schools due to the small classes and teacher support
  • Study skills are infused in every class, we do not assume that students have learned these skills already
  • Students can opt to take a math class one-on-one to eliminate gaps in knowledge 

Positive Peer Group

  •  HBA fosters positive attitudes. Our students are happy and successful.
  • Social activities are planned for school days and weekends by our ASB
  • Students feel comfortable confiding in our staff, so issues are addressed before they become problems

College Readiness

  • HBA courses have the same rigor as the public schools
  • AP and honors classes available in most disciplines
  • Test prep elective course offered on Fridays
  • College application workshops on Fridays
  •  AP mock exams offered on Fridays during the Spring
  •  AP Capstone Diploma Program

Clubs and Activities

Club offerings change from year to year depending on student interest, but may include: National Honors Society (NHS), Student Council (ASB), Community Service, Drone and Robotics, Chess, Model United Nations (MUN), Stock Market (Wharton School of Business), Arts & Crafts for charity. 

High Bluff Academy is helping girls in Kabul, Afghanistan to continue their educations in our HBA Kabul high school diploma program. Through a grant, HBA was able to purchase laptops and WI-Fi for 300 girls who have been denied an education. HBA students create online elective courses, help the students to learn English and offer friendship and encouragement vital to their well-being.