Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
  • Qibao, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

Founded and funded by the Shanghai Education Commission, Minhang District and Qibao Town, Shanghai, Qibao Dwight High School is innovative in implementing East-West cooperative education at the high school level. 

Our unique educational philosophy distinguishes Shanghai Qibao Dwight as a renowned educator of the next generation of global leaders ― one student at a time.

Our board is jointly governed by Qibao High School and the Dwight School, driving our mission to create a learning environment that fits the changing landscape of education and serves as a laboratory for the cultivation of internationally-minded students who will be innovators in society.

With a global network of Dwight Schools spanning three continents and extending into the cloud with Dwight Global Online School ― ranked by Newsweek as the #2 best online high school in the U.S. ― students have numerous opportunities to connect with peers worldwide. The world is literally at their feet ― and we couldn’t be more delighted to offer our students an international passport to learning.