Tamkang High School

TamKang’s school motto, Love and Service, is a testament to our continual pursuit of academic excellence and dedication to service to our local and global communities.

We follow the example as set forth by our founder, Dr. Mackay, by respecting the traditions and upholding the ideals of education that he set forth while dedicating his life to the service of others.

TamKang provides its students with an environment that implores learning within the classroom, but also presents them with the opportunity to discover and develop qualities that can’t be read in books – friendship, compassion, loyalty and respect.

Comprehensive programs, team building workshops, bonding trips and a fluid curriculum have been integral to strengthening these values.

Maintaining the core values of progress, community, intellectual achievement, and camaraderie has shaped TamKang into what it is today and they are the tools that will continue to keep our school going strong, well into the future.