With the aim of building a foundation for broad knowledge and developing comprehensive talents for
children from 3 to 11, Creative American English program at KAPLA is an integration of 4 central curricula following CCSS and NGSS standards: English • STEAM • Programming and Robotics • Soft skills


At Kapla, we believe that every child deserves a creative and holistic education. Our Creative American English program for children aged 3 to 11 reflects our expertise and experience in this field. Our program integrates four innovative curricula based on CCSS and NGSS standards: English • STEAM • Coding and Robotics • Soft skills. Our program will inspire your child to learn, grow and thrive in a dynamic and diverse world. 

Cambridge English Program: A world-class program that combines the best of Oxford, Cambridge,… curriculum with the power of AI technology, enabling personalized and high-quality learning outcomes.

Robotics and Coding: a program that fosters children’s thinking skills, such as logic, problem-solving and creativity, through the use of acclaimed educational apps and curriculum. 

4.0 Creativity Program: a program that blends STEM 4.0 curriculum, artistic creativity and AI, inspiring children to expand their knowledge and imagination. 

Extracurricular program “Explore the world”: As part of every Creative American English course at KAPLA, children will engage in 6 to 9 exciting and meaningful extracurricular activities. They will also embark on a Singapore tour where they can apply and showcase their English skills, bond with friends, and discover new things. The tour, which visits places like Garden by the bay, Maritime Experimental Museum and Universal Studios Singapore, will broaden children’s horizons on science, nature, technology and more.