THINK Global School

THINK Global School (TGS) is the world's first traveling high school. Attendees between the ages of 15-18 gain an education by living in four different countries each year, learning firsthand from their multicultural experiences. Students who attend TGS for all three years have the opportunity to live in ten countries total, gaining expertise well-suited to bring about change in our increasingly global world.  

What sets TGS apart from other schools is its Changemaker Curriculum. Through project-based learning, students explore real-world problems by creating projects that address them. Working on projects allows students to be hands-on and in charge of their studies rather than simply being instructed by a teacher. Educators at TGS serve as mentors and advisors, ensuring projects stay on track. 

Our educators design relevant projects for each country TGS visits, meaning students are gaining skills that can be directly applied in the workforce. Each country is also an opportunity to meet with local experts, guest speakers, and community members who provide meaningful project and career advice. 

The Changemaker Curriculum also goes above and beyond to prepare students for university's academic and social rigors. By letting students guide their learning and imbuing every aspect of their education with compassion and service, they're empowered to become leaders in their university communities and beyond. 94% of THINK Global School graduates have gone on to university.