EduPass International

Are you passionate about education and making a positive impact on young minds? Introducing EduPass, an innovative education company that brings English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching to public schools in Vietnam. Our mission is to bridge the education gap and provide equal opportunities for students in lower-income regions.

With EduPass, we partner with various levels of the Vietnamese Government to ensure that our ESL program can be delivered to as many schools as possible across the country. By working with native English teachers, we offer students an immersive learning experience that enhances their language skills and opens doors to better opportunities in the future.

Not only do we prioritize quality education, but we also understand the financial constraints faced by many schools. That's why our program is designed to be affordable and accessible, ensuring that even lower-income regions can benefit from our services.

Join us in transforming the lives of Vietnamese students by providing them with top-notch ESL education. Together, let's create a brighter future for all!