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Phoenix Group Asia is a professional teacher recruiting agency in Taiwan. We specialize in recruiting, training, and facilitating a smooth transition for foreign teachers in Taiwan. We provide a clear step-by-step handbook to lessen culture shock for all newcomers, and to make them familiar with all their rights and responsibilities.


Phoenix Group Asia is a reputable agency among foreigners. Many recommend us on social media and praise us for our detailed and personalized approach to caring for our teachers. All our recruiters were once English teachers. Hence, we train our teachers to adapt to and adopt Taiwanese teaching styles. We provide online training videos, questionnaires, workshops, and monthly training to help our teachers maintain a competitive edge.


Our mission is to recruit quality teachers to serve and share their knowledge with the children of Taiwan to prepare them for a brighter future.


Sep 05, 2023  
Yunlin Bilingual Program: Applying CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) teaching method: In addition to using English to learn a certain subject in class, the learners are allowed to use their native language to have a better understanding of the content. On top of that, teachers will use supporting details like videos, pictures, diagrams, charts, realia, online game gadgets, and teaching media like PowerPoint slides to get a visual comprehension. 10 schools joining the Program and expecting 28 ESL teachers to teach in Yunlin Further Information: Basic Salary: 64720 NTD (about 2026 USD)/month (including 2000 NTD Traffic Subsidy) Housing Allowance: 5000 NTD/month Airfare Reimbursement (round trip): Maximum 30,000 NTD/one trip Health and Labor Insurance Student Age: Primary or Junior High Working hours: Mon-Fri, 8 hours a day (flexible during summer and winter break) Periods: 22 classes a week and one class for 40 mins (primary), 20...
Start Date:
Sep 30, 2023

Phoenix Group Asia Yunlin County, Taiwan