Zhejiang Zij Elite Education Technologies and Consulting Co., Ltd

Zhejiang ZiJ Elite Education Co., Ltd was officially registered in Zhejiang Province in September, 2021.Our company possesses the qualifications to recruit talents.

Our main business covers:

•Talent introduction
•Labor dispatch
•Introduction of international original English teaching materials
•Overseas study, etc.

The founder of ZJ Elite has over 10 years of experience in the teacher recruitment industry. She decided to start her own recruitment agency with a difference,insuring all foreign teachers receive professional support and services.

Over the years, ZJ Elite has introduced more than 500 foreign experts to over 200 schools.

•40% of the cooperating schools are international kindergartens
•30% are primary schools
•20% are high schools and middle schools
•10% are colleges or universities

ZJ Elite is committed to providing high-quality talent recruitment and services to establish a trusted brand image. We aim to become the most trusted and capable educational talent agency in Zhejiang Province.