May 10, 2024

English Intervention Coordinator August 2024 - Thailand

  • International Christian School Nonthaburi (ICSN)
  • Nonthaburi, Thailand
Full time Administration/Principal English Language Arts (ELA) English Literature ESL Head of Department Reading

Job Description


The English Intervention Coordinator is a leadership position responsible for overseeing the
English Intervention Program (EI) from 1st to 11th grade. This role involves the strategic
development and implementation of policies, curriculum, and best practices to support English
language learners and the teachers instructing them. The coordinator will work closely with
teachers, students, and parents to ensure the program's success and its integration into the
broader educational framework of ICSN.

Key Responsibilities

● Maintain and continue to develop the existing EI Program framework, focusing on
continuous improvement and alignment with best educational practices.
● Administer and oversee English language proficiency tests, using the Pearson Global
Scale of English (GSE) to evaluate student needs and progress.
○ For prospective students as part of the admissions process
○ For ongoing assessment of current students
● Coordinate with the admissions team in implementing and refining current procedures for
new student enrollment in the EI Program.
● Implement and refine English language proficiency assessment procedures for current
ICSN students who are not in the EI Program.
● Provide professional development and support for EI teachers, promoting effective
strategies for English language instruction and responsive teaching.
● Research and introduce high-quality materials, strategies, and tools to aid EI teachers in
English language instruction.
● Conduct regular observations and mentoring sessions for EI teachers to foster professional
growth and excellence in teaching.
● Coordinate and communicate with various stakeholders, including administration, teachers,
parents, and the accounting department to ensure smooth operation and understanding of
the EI Program.
● Develop and deliver sessions and resources to all ICSN classroom teachers on how to
best incorporate ELL-friendly teaching practices across all instructional hours, enhancing
the school-wide approach to supporting English language learners.
● Research, consolidate, develop, and introduce high-quality materials, strategies, and tools
to aid EI teachers in English language instruction.

Desired Qualifications

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in TESOL, EFL, ESL, Applied Linguistics, or a related field.
A Bachelor’s or Master’s in teaching/education plus a teaching certificate and experience in
language teaching is also acceptable.
● Extensive training and practical experience in English language teaching methodologies.
● At least 1-2 years of educational leadership experience, with a demonstrated ability to
manage and enhance educational programs.
● Previous experience in curriculum development.
● Competency in administering and interpreting English language proficiency assessments.
● Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple responsibilities and
stakeholders effectively.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, capable of building strong
relationships with teachers, students, and parents.
● A commitment to continuous professional development and staying abreast of the latest
trends, developments, and best practices in ELL education.

Bonus Qualifications

● Cross-cultural training and/or experience, preferably in Thailand or elsewhere in SE Asia.
● Thai language skills


● Starting salary of around ฿630,000-฿1,000,000 annually with benefits valued at
approximately ฿270,000 annually [up to a significantly higher value depending on things
such as number of dependents].
● Salary increases according to credentials and experience as seen below:
Base: 360,000
Bachelor’s Degree: 50,000 OR B.ED*: 80,000
Master’s Degree: 40,000 OR Mas.ED*: 60,000
License/Certification: 120,000
Pre-ICSN Experience: 20,000/yr of experience
ICSN Experience:
● 3rd yr: 20,000
● 4th yr: 50,000
● 5th yr: 80,000
● 6th yr: 100,000
● 7th yr: 120,000
● 8th yr: 140,000
● 9th yr: 160,000
● 10/11th yr: 180,000
● 12/13th yr: 200,000
● 14th+ yr: 220,000
● 1st/2nd yr: 10% of Annual Sal
● 3rd yr: 20% of Annual Sal
● 4th yr: 30% of Annual Sal
● 5th+ yr: 40% of Annual Sal
*or in a field directly relevant to your position←determined
by admin
● Annual benefits include airfare stipend, housing stipend, quality health insurance (for
employee and dependents), provident fund, and more.
● For families, benefits also include monthly child stipend and free tuition


Start Date

Aug 05, 2024

Various start dates through the year?


Is government issued teaching license required?


Is school provided for dependents?



Starting annual salary 630,000-1,000,000 Baht/year + provided accommodation & other benefits!

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