Mar 03, 2023

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

  • CISK Canadian International School Kunshan
  • Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Full time

Job Description

Position Description: Early Years Classroom Teacher
Supervisor: Head of Early Years
Department: Early Years


Job Scope

The role of the CISK Early Years Classroom Teacher is essentially to build and maintain a successful safe, play based learning environment that is holistic and developmentally appropriate for our younger



3+ years of previous teaching experience (preferably in IB curriculum)

Degree in Education/Related subject and/or teaching license required (Masters in Education preferred)

Native English speaker with a genuine passion for teaching children and for continuous development

Clean background check



Competitive salary

Housing allowance

Annual airfare allowance



Main Duties and Responsibilities

Design, prepare and deliver high quality program that recognizes a child’s need to learn by doing.

Provide a multitude of learning engagements and concepts that develop relationships, daily interactions with people, multi-sensory play experiences in order to encourage active, creative and inquisitive learners who are passionate about learning.

Provide a comprehensive curriculum in order to ensure children experience a seamless and smooth transition, ready to take on more structured and skills-driven learning expectations.

Preparing teaching resources and materials that facilitate child's cognitive, social, and emotional
development before the class.

Organize learning material and resources to support child exploring the environment according to the character of each grade

Adopt a cognitive and constructivist approach to learning, emphasizing an active child-centered learning experience that promotes children’s interest, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge:leading to inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations.

Inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging and engaging learning opportunities for all students

Assess and monitor student progress and provide targets so that all learners can see success and improve

Collaborate with other teachers to share new ideas, approaches and professional knowledge

Communicate accurately and regularly with parents  Respond to student’s emotional and social needs; liaise with school counselors and external professionals (e.g. educational psychologists, education professionals, social workers, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, etc.) if needed.

Treat all the students on campus equally.

Liaise with the Head of Early Years/PYP Coordinator to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom.

Contribute to the ‘Clubs’: Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular program, and participate in school activities such as: assemblies, evening/weekend events, conferences, professional development engagements

Maintain constant awareness of the needs of any children to whom English is another language

Various start dates through the year?


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