Mar 18, 2023

Centre Director

  • ELS Language Center Malaysia
  • Malaysia
Full time Administration/Principal English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Head of Department

Job Description

Job Summary

Reporting directly to the Director of Operations, the Centre Director (CD) is responsible for overall operations (Admin and Academic) concerning his/ her individual Language Centre in compliance with the ELS Language Centres Operations Manual, the Franchise Agreement, and the local Centre’s policies and procedures as established by the Company. 


Specifically, the CD is responsible for:

(a)    the implementation and development of the curriculum; the testing, placement and evaluation of students; and the scheduling of classes; and the hiring, training, development and dismissal of instructional staff.

(b)    promoting and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to a pleasant work environment for employees and a pleasant study environment for students. 

(c)    developing and implementing customer service and sales activities that will result in growth at the Centre and ensuring that the Centre’s enrolment is operating at capacity.


In addition to the above, the CD is also expected to contribute and assist in additional duties related to the business of ELS Language Centres, Malaysia and its holding company.


Job Duties

The Centre Director is specifically responsible for performing the following duties:

Entrepreneurial orientation (Responsible for overall budget ownership)

·        Analyse profitability, revenue, and margins

·        Develop and meet KPI targets and other financial goals developed alongside Director of Operations

·        Propose innovative business opportunities to increase revenue or decrease costs

Communication and organizational skills

·        Ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are followed

·        Submit required reports and data as requested

·        Manage financial centre controls

·        Ensure that centre funds and property are secure and accounted for

·        Manage communication with sales directors/counselling agents and local referral sources

Customer orientation

·        Develop and maintain strong links and relationships with stakeholders (incl. government agencies, partner universities or landlord)

·        Coordinating student services, including certificates and reports, student activities and student counselling

·        Further develop and implement quality student service offerings

·        Develop quality student services that build community, drive and manage an agreed- upon retention % within the centre. Implement company retention and returners strategies

Managing change

·        Initiate and/or develop centre plans and processes related to ELS’s core strategic priorities

·        Ensure that the centre is known and respected by the university community, industry peers, and referral sources by doing centre-specific outreach

·        Deploy appropriate change management techniques as needed

Strategic thinker

·        Develop centre plans specifying goals, strategy, staffing, scheduling and identification of risks, contingency plans and allotment of resources (e.g., Business Plan)

·        Continually define ways to increase customer satisfaction and maintain lasting stakeholder relationships.

·        Fostering team work (Manage, motivate, discipline, mentor and lead the team)

·        Ensure rigorous performance management of team, with regular individual and team reviews

·        Lead, mentor and guide all staff

·        Promote good personnel relations and compliance with Human Resources policies and manage staff in a fair and professional manner

·        Recruit, train and retain qualified staff

·        Assign duties and responsibilities and scope of authority to staff

·        Provide opportunities for people to learn to work together as a team. Recognise and encourage behaviours that contribute to teamwork

·        Promote activities that result in centre growth; work with various ELS departments for promotional activities resulting in centre growth


·        Develop and conduct the academic program in such a manner that it meets all standards of ELS Language Centers standardized curriculum

·        Hire, train and supervise instructional staff

·        Provide substitute and/or regular classroom instruction

·        Develop and maintain the instructional budget by staying within instructional-hour guidelines

·        Order and maintain all instructional materials

·        Supervise the placement, testing and evaluation of students

·        Schedule classes, teachers and students

·        Orient new students to the academic programme

·        Submit required academic reports to universities and/or sponsors according to schedule

·        Submit required reports to the Director of Operations and to Director, Academic Planning & Training Unit of ELS Language Centers according to schedule (second Monday of each session)

·        Support the agreed-upon retention % within the centre by implementing retention and returners strategies

·        Assist the management of special programmes as assigned


·        Promote and maintain a safe place to work, a clean and attractive atmosphere.

·        Ensure compliance to all regulatory requirements, State and Federal laws.

·        Ensure the quality of the academic program and adherence to instructional standards

·        Ensure that materials used are updated and professional in nature

·        Perform other duties as necessary or assigned

Minimum Job Requirements

Education: MA in ESL/TESOL/TEFL, Applied Linguistics or related field preferred. BA/BS with equivalent experience required.  Courses in business management, cross-cultural awareness, counselling and EFL/ESL are preferred.

Experience: At least 3 years of teaching experience in the field of ESL/EFL and 3 years managing an EFL or educational program with full supervisory responsibilities, including hiring and evaluating personnel.  Cross-cultural or international experience and experience in sales and fiscal management preferred.

Personal Characteristics: Must be confident, self-reliant and self-motivated; must have poise and bearing; must be stable, flexible and organized; must have ability to analyse and solve problems; must be culturally sensitive. Good communication and organizational skills, and the ability to handle a wide variety of job duties are essential, as well.

Training: On-the-job training under the supervision of the Director of Operations and Director off Academic Planning & Training Unit.

Start Date

Mar 18, 2023

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