Essential Learning Group

We’ve been in China since 2006 on a quest to prepare children with special needs to become active and full participants in their schools, families, and communities.

Throughout our journey since then, we’ve been constantly delighted and blessed by the smiles and laughter from both the children and parents as they go through our programs.

It is immensely fulfilling being part of a child’s growth and development and just watching them grow!

ELG was started by three Americans, Shari and Monte Rosen, and Andrew Hill. They noticed the huge gap in special needs service providers in Shanghai and felt an intense desire to help the unique children who needed a different type of assistance.

This desire grew from an initial team with only four foreign specialists to what we now have with over 30 multi-disciplinary professionals from 14 different countries and regions. It took a while, but we assembled a first-class team of specialists, and we’re still growing!

One of the biggest challenges we noticed during our initial growth years in Shanghai was the lack of local special needs staff and members. With this in mind, we created an initial training program for six staff members, some of whom pursued advanced studies overseas.

Fast forward to today, and there is an ever-growing need for more teachers, specialists, assistants and programs. And we’re delighted to be part of the growth by offering consulting and training and partnerships with organizations to boost special needs services in China.