A well-established and recognized brand in the language school industry in Japan. NOVA offers private and small-group face-to-face and online lessons to clients of all ages, from young children to seniors, and abilities, from beginner through to advanced, as well as some online supplementary study programs for larger groups. It boasts a wide selection of courses and study options to match each client’s lifestyle and study goals, whether they be studying for a specific English test, such as TOEIC® or TOEFL®, studying for a specific purpose, such as business or travel, studying to improve a specific area, or a combination. With its vast range of in-house developed courses, coursebooks, teaching support materials, and training programs, NOVA is dedicated to delivering high quality language instruction, customer satisfaction, and giving its clients the opportunity to learn from and interact with people from different countries and cultures.

NOVA’s network of schools extends across Japan and enrolled NOVA students have access to all NOVA schools and instructors. To ensure satisfaction and the same high-quality lessons every time, much care has been taken over many years to use the know-how acquired through experience to develop a core curriculum that has the right balance of structure and flexibility. Lessons are structured and fully-supported with all the materials and resources you need, ensuring that even on your first day of teaching after the initial training week, with any level of prior experience you will be well-equipped to teach well-structured and valuable lessons. At the same time, within the structure provided by the textbooks and training there is ample scope to tailor each lesson to the needs and interests of each client, adding value to your lessons, and allowing you to continue to refine your teaching skills, and build your own brand and base under the umbrella of the NOVA brand.